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Thread: [Public Release] TuanHA Monk - The Ultimate Experience

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    Default [Public Release] TuanHA Monk - The Ultimate Experience

    This is an Public Release of my all in one Brewmaster - Mistweaver - Windwalker Monk Combat Routine. The Public Release include everything you need for questing, leveling.

    - Brewmaster recommended Talent and Glyph: Noxxic - Stay Epic
    - Mistweaver recommended Talent and Glyph:
    Noxxic - Stay Epic
    - Windwalker recommended Talent and Glyph:
    Noxxic - Stay Epic


    Please read the installation Guide below.

    - Stormchasing, Dagradt, Wulf and the CLU for advice and support
    - Mosuri, Mazzyr, Alxaw, Lulk, xSilverdicex, Mocbar, Krasas for making this happen.
    - Mirabis, Stefan, Crazor, Abroseh, HoneyBrew, aRkker, Fish221171, CrazyJosh, raskahl, trumbe, haxed, littleroach, Matt84, XenonElite, jack1010fool, Mario27, kbrebel04, bp423, haxed, MadDog, iSanta, ttrapg, Sk1vvy, Clubwar, tyrchast, nevigrofnu, james7360, ... and the tester team (sorry if I miss someone) for feature suggestion, rotation optimization, instensive testing and bugs finding.

    1. How to Use a SVN
    2. Download TortoiseSVN
    3. How to Auto Update SVN

    Report a Problem:
    1. How to Attach a Log
    2. How to Post for Help

    General Honorbuddy Help
    1. Honorbuddy For Dummies

    Please update and enjoy.

    Thank you.


    • Just download the .zip file and move the folder into HonorbuddyRoutines/TuanHAMonkPublicRelease (Wrong folder structure will BREAK the Combat Routine)
    • Make sure you don't put it in HonorbuddyRoutines or HonorbuddyRoutines/TuanHAMonkPublicRelease/TuanHAMonkPublicRelease.
    • Download and install Tortoisesvn for automate update.
    • Upon installing Tortoisesvn, you can Right Click => SVN Update to get the lastest revision update. It's the public reposity, SVN info is INCLUDED in the folder, no username and password required.
    • Remember update to the latest svn (right click folder, select SVN Update) before posting bug report.

    Public Release is READY! Please download and enjoy.
    If you have the pre 5.4 version, please remove folder TuanHAMonk and download .zip file again. Thank you.
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    Frequent Asked Questions:

    What the logic of Nimble Brew? I don't see it activate often?
    Nimble Brew only activate when you have stun/fear/root that last more than 3 second. Waiting a 2 min cooldown on a 2 second fear is not a smart choice.

    How the Ring of Peace logic work?
    Ring of Peace only cast when there's enemy within 8 yard range of the target. If enemy stay outside that range, Ring of Peace have no effect therefore combat routine will never cast it.

    Why Combat Routine don't face target and attack in Grinding/Questing/Gathering...?
    Combat Routine do not support Grinding/Questing/Gathering in MistWeaver spec, please spec to BrewMaster or WindWalker.

    I level as BrewMaster and I do not need survivability, just dps, what the settings?

    Monk BrewMaster Mechanic is all about building Chi with Keg Smash, Jab, Expel Harm and spend it on Attacking spells or Defending spells.
    If you disable all Defending Spells, all available Chi will use to attack therefore you get more damage done. Also disable Defending Spell let you take a lot of damage and the tank Vengeance buff will hit harder.
    To disable Defending Spells, just uncheck 3 Spells: Guard, Purifying Brew, Shuffle Buff Min Duration. Please be advice Disable these Defending Spells will make you more vulnerable for boss and not recommended for most fights.

    Throne of Thunder healing guide tsatsa
    Quote Originally Posted by tsatsa View Post
    As promised, here my little guide to MW monk ToT raiding with this CC.
    • General information

    Settings are tuned for MistWeaver ranged healing. They will:

    - Cast Expel on CD to generate chi
    - Recast the healing statue when far away from 40 yards
    - Revival, Xuen the tiger need to be manually used as healing CDs
    - Spinning Crane Kick need to be manually used for AoE healing
    - Diffuse Magic & Zen meditation need to be manually used as defensive CDs or in situational ways

    If you go melee range and there is nothing to do, your monk will do some melee dmg (but settings are basically tuned to be a ranged healer)

    Settings tuned for my monk (510+ ilvl). If you go out of mana set:

    1) Healing sphere below 78
    2) Soothing Mist below 83

    I suggest to use these talents and glyphs (tier 30 and 75 are situational, look below):|sRkoR

    • Gemming / reforging your monk

    Throne of thunder gear allows to reach different caps of haste. Basically 3145 haste is easily obtenable, 6145 requires more gear (around 522-525 ilvl).

    If the socket bonus gives intellect, spirit, haste or critical strike, I suggest to always gem in the current way:

    - Sparkling River's Heart in blue sockets
    - Misty Wild Jade in yellow sockets
    - Purified Imperial Amethyst in red sockets
    If the socket bonus gives mastery, just fill sockets with Sparkling River's Heart

    In order to reforge my gear, i usually use WoW Reforge Calculator & Optimizer

    Just below the stats weights, i forge the site to:

    Cap #1: Haste > exactly to > 3145 (or 6145 if you can reach)
    Cap #2: Spirit > at most to > 10500
    Cap #3: Critical strike > at least to > 6000 (if you can reach, if not set it to 5000-5500)

    Try to play around with number in order to get numbers you like (at least 3145 haste is mandatory)

    • Throne of Thunder raiding

    I mainly take these information from icy-veins. Take in mind that i just raid 10 man, and settings I provide are tested only in that form.

    Jin'rokh the Breaker

    Useful talents:

    Diffuse Magic to mitigate the damage of lightning storm. Mandatory for heroic

    Zen Sphere, it will do some healing and some damage. On Normal, during lightning you should be stacked. The damage is pretty high, so people might dip below 35%. However, if your raid has good healing and people never go below 35% health, it might be more useful to go with Chi Wave (in 10 man) or Chi Burst (in 25 man).

    Useful glyphs:

    You might decide to use Glyph of Fortifying Brew instead of Glyph of Meditation to mitigate damage from lightning storms.

    CDs: use Revival during Lightning Storms and Xuen during pool phase (the tiger will provide extra damage and healing because of the pools buff).

    Tips & Tricks:

    Heroic: DIFFUSE MAGIC IS A MUST. When you get Ionization Debuff, you run OUT OF THE WATER and pop Diffuse Magic. The debuff will instantly be dispelled and do damage around you. You will take the damage at a 90% reduction. The timer for Diffuse Magic and Ionization are the same, so you will have it for every single one.
    During Lightning Storm don't run around like a scared chicken. Be patient and watch where you are going. Try to do stand still as much as possible or do some Spinning Crane Kickif you have to move. If you are having trouble surviving use Fort Brew for one and then Zen Med for the others. You can't do any healing when you're dead.

    Settings to use: "MistWeaver ToT nodispel"


    Useful talents:

    Ring of Peace is amazing for this fight, my settings will use it on someone who has 3+ targets (so a tank) silencing and disarming them. Leg sweep is viable as well, but if other players are stunning as well it becomes less effective because of diminishing returns. Ring of peace also lasts longer making it more useful on the casters.

    Diffuse Magic is helpful to clear magic debuffs when you are lacking dispels. If you do not lack dispells, you should go with Dampen Harm to as it is better for the final phase with Jalak.

    Zen Sphere is once again useful if your raiders dip below 35% during the AoE from Jalak, otherwise you should go with Chi Wave.

    Tips & Tricks:

    - Mistweave the entire fight. If you are struggling for damage, start fistweaving at THE END of the fight when he takes more damage.

    - Use Grapple Weapon on the adds for a healing boost. Make sure to disarm War God Jalak for a healing boost at the end

    - Revival should be used at least twice during this fight. The first time is during the 2nd gate with the poison adds. Do your best to dispel as much as you can and save it when a majority of the raiders have about 5+ stacks of the poison debuff (or if the adds have died or are going to die soon). If your raiders are good at interrupting and focusing them down, you can use it on less stacks as well (we never went over 3 stacks for example). The second time you should use it is during the phase with jalak and his raid wide AoE. As usual, make a cooldown rotation with your other healers for the raid AoE from Jalak and let them know you'll mass dispel the poison debuff with revival.
    - Xuen can provide useful healing when there are multiple adds up and stacked near each other.

    Settings to use: "MistWeaver ToT general"

    Council of Elders

    Useful talents:

    Leg Sweep if you are assigned to stun Living Sands or Loa Spirits. Otherwise Dampen Harm is the most useful as there is almost no predictable magic damage on this fight.

    Tips & Tricks:

    Not much for healers to worry about on this fight, just mistweave for the duration of the fight.
    Revival for sandstorms (arrange a cooldown rotation with your other healers).
    Dampen Harm and Fortifying Brew to mitigate the damage from sandstorms.

    Settings to use: "MistWeaver ToT general"


    Useful talents:

    Dampen Harm is by far the best choice as there is no magic damage in this fight and it works wonders with quake stomp.

    Tips and Tricks:

    Revival for quake stomps (cooldown rotation with other healers)
    Try to avoid the turtles.

    Settings to use: "MistWeaver ToT general"


    Useful talents:

    Rushing Jade Wind to be used during Rampage
    Dampen Harm vs Diffuse Magic: diffuse magic allows for great mitigation during the AoE or to avoid damage from the frost/fire/poison stuff. It will however remove the cinders debuff which may cause problems if it falls off at the wrong place. Dampen harm is useful to mitigate the cinder damage, but since you might never get it, diffuse magic might be more worthwile.
    Tiger's Lust is great to give the people with the cinders a speed boost. that way they can clean up the ice patches faster.
    Zen Sphere is a good choice and will become better towards the end as your raid will take more damage during the aoe and thus have a bigger chance to dip below 35% hp.

    Tips and Tricks:

    Mistweave the entire fight, there is no reason to fistweave unless you are really close to a kill and the damage is needed.
    Revival: Make a cooldown rotation with your other healers for the AoE damage.
    Rushing Jade Wind: make sure to use it during Rampage, becasue that is when it will be needed most.
    CC settings will not dispel at all. You will have to manually use Detox on people with the cinders buffs ONLY when they are far away from others.

    Settings to use: "MistWeaver ToT nodispel"
    to be continued...
    How to get the most healing done by mosuri
    Quote Originally Posted by mosuri View Post
    - you should never have above ~40-50% mana at the end of a boss fight. best would be around 10-20% (in my opinion)
    -> because if you still have a lot of mana after a boss fight, you wasted it. but it's a bit tricky to adjust the settings of the CC for your own char good enough to get the most out of it. this means: maxing the output you can run (every fight), but not going OOM by doing this (at least before the boss died)

    so try to increase the %'s of your most used spells OR/AND use Spinning Crane Kick more often by urself.

    Note to Spinning Crane Kick: in situations where the melee's / raid drops and the raid is most likely "grouped" up i always use Chi Torpedo and when Chi Torpedo is on CD i use Spinning Crane Kick. But you should always use Chi Torpedo before using Spinning Crane Kick. reason should be clear

    also in some fights you can do the best healing you can do with your monk, but you won't get #1 on the healing charts.
    this is just because most of the other heal classes got more utility for most of the fights than monks and that's why you will sometimes not be able to be #1 on the healing charts.

    but for the start:
    - try to "analyze" your own fights (what can you do to get more healing in some situations, which settings do i have to decrease or increase for which boss fight, etc)
    - if you still got a lot of mana after the boss was killed (let's say a fix value of: >= 50% mana) - increase the %'s of Renewing Mist, Soothing Mist (higher Soothing Mist % = more Chi builded = more Chi for Uplift = more healing/hps) - i would say a value between 10-30% mana after the boss is killed is okay to say "i've put out most likely the best i've could done, without going OOM before the boss is down and still got enough mana as backup if something would have gone wrong during the fight." (example: a crush by garalon, caused by some1 who walked into the purple circle).

    so, this is a lot of text. maybe someone will read it ;D
    How to get the most dps done by mecey-deathshiver-bomoto
    Quote Originally Posted by bomoto View Post
    here is a copy of the post that deathshiver is talking about c3081t. it took me awhile to find it.
    Guide how to set your windwalker class up:
    First of Tuan has done a really good job setting up the backbone of Windwalker CC Routine. Now what I'm going to do is give some advice on how to change the Raid values so they suit your character and not just generic so you can maximise your DPS.

    For this to be accurate you need to get the values when your fully buffed, flasked, well fed etc to input your settings. You can ignore Trinket buffs / weapon enchant buff etc as these are temporary buffs.

    So lets get started:
    Expel Harm Value: This percentage should be set at whatever damage jab deals doubled. So when n raid highlight over jab and whatever the highest value is double it. Divide this value by your maximum Health and multiply it by 100. Whatever the value is take it away from 100 and your leftover is what Expel Harm should be set at.
    Example: Jab Max dmg 15k. 15k * 2 = 30k. Max HP = 400k 30k/400k = 0.075 * 100 = 7.5 round it up to 8. 100 - 8 = 92.
    Set Expel Harm to 92

    Fists of Fury Max Energy - Now Tuan has done a very good job at installing the rules into the CR. All you have to do is work out how much energy you regen in 4secs. This is simple. Open your character screen (Default: c) Melee > Energy Regen. Multiply this by 4 then take it away from 100.
    Example: Energy Regen is at 13.85. 13.85 * 4 = 55.4 Rounded down to 55. 100 - 55 = 45
    Set Fists of Fury Max Energy: 45

    I hope this small guide helps you set up your Windwalker to your specific Character.
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    1. Download and Unzip attached file into your Honorbuddy\Routines folder like this:

    2. Start Honorbuddy, click start and select TuanHA Monk as custom class:

    3. Make sure download and install LazyRaider from here, click Enhanced Mode then click Bot Config:

    4. Set LazyRaider Config like this:

    5. If you install SVN, you can update automatically the newest build by Right-Click folder and select SVN update

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    Bug? Please attach log file, that help me solve your problem faster. Guide here

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    Misweaver wont use Jab by default to help low geared people not waste too much mana on it. If you have good gear, you can always adjust "Jab to this amount of chi" to 2 or more.

    Tiger Palm in Mistweaver is just a bad trade. To get a "Free" instant Surging Mist (24k mana), you need 5 Tiger Palm = 5 Jab * 9k mana = 45k mana

    So trade a 1GCD and 24k mana for 5 GCD and 45k mana is just bad, that the reason why Tiger Palm is disabled.
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    i havnt yet tried a monk! But from "tuanha's" other ccs i will have to just assume this cc will be as amazing as the pally cc, Im currently using the Pally CC and its nothing but PERFECT! and amazing. My next class will be a monk which i am very anxious to try! Good work tuanha.
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    Had the chance to betatest mistweaver and so far this is great. Even different options for saving mana or dungeon or raid is available, which is great.

    Currently going Brewmaster mainspec, Mistweaver offspec. Will keep posting updates regarding this, but so far it's been working flawless.
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    How do you install this? just stick it Routines folder?
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    I wanted to ask how long till this will support dungeon farming? In healer or dps mode. I think dungeon is the fastest way to level.

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    you can farm dungeons with this CC, as long as you are doing the movement part! Its not possible to do afk-dungeon farming!

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    I started to use the CC, when my monk was still in leveling phase. I started off as Windwalker, switched to Brewmaster and finally stopped at Mistweaver!

    I was amazed on how perfectly the Routine goes through the Rotation. I was even more amazed, when it was getting even better with each new SVN Update.

    When i first saw, that Brewmaster Support was added, i was skeptical. I knew, how disappointed I was with previous Tank CCs. But I tried anyway. And was surprised! The CC was beyond every expectation! It was taunting, intercepting and everything else,
    you would expect from a decent tank! I was able to control over 10 mobs without losing aggro. Cooldown usage worked like a Charm! It was really fun watching the Bot do its work.

    After the surprising functionality of the brewmaster part, i was i could wait for mistweaver support. I guess, I was one of the first lucky people to test mistweaver, as I was helping a bit with spell priority and research for the basic mechanic behind mistweaver healing. The first few SVN releases of mistweaver, were amazing. Only problem was mana consumption. But tuanha was able to nearly eliminate the mana consumption, offering a mana-save mode. So when i tested it in LFR, Dungeons and even Normal Raid / World boss i was completely stunned. I walked out of a fight, with 70% mana left and being first in heal by far!

    Here a screen, of one of the encounters:


    As you can see, my gear is total "crap" and i can tell you that i had no gems and enchants. Only reforged and gyphed! So imagine, what you could do with better gear, in later stage.

    I am so thankful for this CC! I guess i would still be playing Windwalker, if tuanha wouldn't have release this awesome Tanking / Healing part!

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