Honorbuddy: Downloading and Installing

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To be able to run Honorbuddy, you must have the following:

Private servers are NOT supported.

Downloading Honorbuddy

Open your browser to http://thebuddyforum.com/.

1. Select the "Bot Downloads" link at the top of the page

2. Select the "Honorbuddy" sub-forum

3. Locate the latest version of Honorbuddy

4. Download Honorbuddy into a directory of your choosing.

For the rest of our discussion, we'll assume you stored the file in the C:\tmp directory.

Extracting Honorbuddy

Recall that we save our download to C:\tmp. Now, we must extract it.

You never want to extract a new version of Honorbuddy on top of a previously installed version. Doing so can lead to all kinds of problems that are difficult to diagnose and repair. Always extract new Honorbuddy releases into a 'fresh' directory.

Although ZIP extraction is built into many versions of Windows, our example extracts Honorbuddy using PeaZip. PeaZip is a free, open-source, multi-platform tool that handles just about any compressed format you care to throw at it.

Launch PeaZip

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1. Navigate to the directory into which you downloaded Honorbuddy.

2. Select the Honorbuddy installation executable

3. Click the "Extract" button

4. Select the directory into which you'd like to install Honorbuddy.

We highly recommend keeping it 'parallel' to the WoWclient directory tree. For our example, this means we'lll put it in C:\Games\HB- since the WoWclient is installed in C:\Games\World of Warcraft.

5. Click the "Ok" button to complete the extraction, then close PeaZip.

If your account is not an Administrator account:

6. Navigate to you new Honorbuddy directory.

7. Right-click on the Honorbuddy executable

8. Select "Properties"

A new popup dialog should appear

9. Navigate to the "Compatibility" tab

10. Check "Run this program as an administrator"

11. Click "OK" and your done.

If you have a previous installation of Honorbuddy...

  • If you modified ForceMail.xml and Protected Items.xml file, copy these modified files into the new Honorbuddy directory.
  • Copy your previous Settings directory into this new Honorbuddy directory.

You can read more about Protected Items in Honorbuddy: About ProtectedItems and ForceMail.

Creating a Shortcut

1. Navigate to the directory where you installed Honorbuddy

2. Right-click on Honorbuddy.exe

3. Select Send to & click Send to Desktop (create shortcut)

You now have a shortcut on your desktop! You're free to move the shortcut anywhere you'd like.